The first thing you need to do is find a grant that really suites your needs. Inside the member's area you will find a daily updated database of government grant programs and private foundation grants. We are plugged into the US Federal government grant information network. This means that we don't chase grant makers to get their listing information - they come to us.

Once you've chosen a grant to pursue, you need to write a kick butt, take no prisoners grant proposal. Inside the member's area we explain important techniques such as the style in which to write your cover letter, if one is required. We'll show you exactly what a proposal consists of and explain in detail how to write each section. We help you get grant funding as quickly as possible!

Inside the member's area there are 20 audio tutorials. Each audio clip gives you important tips about every section of a properly written grant proposal.We teach you how to get your grant money as quickly as possible!

Video tutorials! Watching these videos you'll learn how to navigate the grant database, how to use the search function and browse categories. We show you how to submit your grant proposal directly to the grant maker through the Direct Applicant Submission Interface for government funded grants.

Download several complete proposals. These are actual grant proposals that you can download, pull apart, and examine from every angle!

Submit your grant proposal electronically! Trial Membership $3.95 USD for 3 day trial then $39.95 each month. You may cancel at any time.

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